Thoughts on a first look

It’s a new age, a time to plan your wedding the way you would like it to unfold unburned by traditions and things you feel you are suppose to do. If a first look sounds good to you, don’t be afraid to see one another before the ceremony. Nothing is going to take away from the moment when you walk down the isle, there’s just nothing like it. There are some great advantages to a first-look. Not only are the bride, groom, bridal party and family in top form, the bride and bridesmaids’ hair and makeup are fresh, and the groom and groomsmen are still OK with being in their tuxes. If you decide to go with a pre-ceremony formal portrait approach, try to set aside 15 minutes of private time for the two of you. These moments, before you start taking more formal, posed portraits, are often the most special for the bride and groom. You‘re able to say a prayer together, or exchange meaningful gifts, relax and think about the moments to come. This quiet, contemplative time also serves as a break to calm your nerves. This healthy pre-ceremony atmosphere created a smooth, steady flow through the day’s events. Getting this step out of the way early in the day frees up the rest of your time to spend with your guests. 

If you are a traditional couple and want to have a classic experience, don’t be tempted to do something just because it’s trendy. I don’t have many regrets from my wedding, but if I were to choose one it would be the garter toss. We did it because it was just one of those things I thought you did at a wedding. I would never want a couple to feel the same way about doing a first look.

Vanessa Weber