Hey there, I’m Vanessa!


Seventh grade math class is when I fell in love with photography. I received an elective packet for high school, and couldn’t believe you could take a whole class on photography. There are so many beautiful stories in the small details of everyday life, and recording those moments inspires me to always keep a camera at my side. I enjoy many types of photography, but my true passion is photographing people- capturing their story, those intangible moments that show a persons’ true self.

I am most likely to be...

Listening to: Classic Rock or Lana Del Rey.

Wearing: I work from home, so definitely stretchy pants.

Laughing at: an episode of Friends that’s most likely playing the back ground while I work.

Buying: Shoes and lipstick.

Eating: Cheese.. any kind of cheese and everything gets Sriracha

Watching: The Office, Parks and Rec, Friends, there is almost always something funny running in the background.


I travel, a lot! If it doesn’t work out for us to connect in Portland, or Santa Barbara, take a look at my schedule and catch me on the road!

June: Pittsburgh, PA + San Francisco, CA

July: Phoenix, AZ + Sonoma, CA

August: Fort Bragg, CA + Santa Barbara, CA

September: Cancun, MX + Portland, OR

October: Portland, ME


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